weight training 4/5 days a week

I am a skinny S.O.B that wants to join a gym over the summer for 1 month, maybe 2 and workout nearly every day to get bigger.

Am I nuts?

Has anyone got any advice for me?

I am fed up of looking and feeling like shit!!!

If you want to get big quick (without roids)and train that much, check out Power to the people _the bear by Pavel Tsatsouline.

If you want to get big, eat big and lift heavy.
Get your diet in order, that's the most important part.

Why just the summer? If you are still in High School, you should try talking to your football coach(even if you don't play) about possibly using hte field house during the summer. They won't wait too long before they start summer ball, so maybe you can get in before/during/after the team. The coach could probably give you decent guidance toward your goals.

As other have mentioned YOU GOT TO EAT A LOT.

Your metabolism is probably high or you are naturally skinny.  You can change that when you lift weights and eat A LOT.  SLEEP a lot also.

Squats, Bench press, pull ups, wide grip pull ups, dips, deadlifts, supermans, hyper extensions, incline sit ups with weights, curls,

Lift heavy and work hard and consistently.


"I am a skinny S.O.B that wants to join a gym over the summer for 1 month, maybe 2 and workout nearly every day to get bigger. " -Am I the only one that saw this? One month? You've GOTTA be kidding...

I dont know if this is a troll post but I strongly doubt you will achieve your goals in one to two months even with drugs, it takes a lot longer to achiev ewhat your looking for usually... also bear in mindthat fitness is a lifestyle; you can't expect to work out awhile, obtain your desired level then quit and expect to stay there, it's a lifetime commitment you have to make. My advice? Either sign up for the long term (unless you plan on buying a weightset for home use in the near future) or don't sign up at all if you're too lazy and unwilling to make the commitment. Otherwise it's totally pointless and a big waste of $$ and time.

Troll post? Maybe or just a kid who read to many of those muscle
mags. BTW, eating means real food not supplements.

You can sign up for 1-2 months, just stick with it after. That should get you enough time to get used to the basics. You will notice a difference, but it's not going to be like night and day for the people around you.

If you post how you eat currently, we could probably give you some good advice diet wise.

I was a skinny bastard too, so I know how it feels.

maintain a positvie caloric balance. Basically utilize multi-joint movements and do not burn yourself out.

give it time.

thank you
Coach Hale

20 reps squats are your answer!

thanks xenove

btw what is the westside program?