Weight training I've been doing (just sharing)

Had to take a step back and dial some things down so I could dial up the actual mma practices and such. It's one day (that isn't too heavy) and a 2-a-day with 2 pretty quick workouts. I think my notations should make some sense. I've been playing with this for 5 weeks. I've been going through a lot of my old notebooks and this is a variation of somethings I used to do a long time ago. Thought maybe someone could benefit from it, and come up with some ideas of their own. Any feedback is appreciate, I just want to bounce this off of you gentlemen and ladies.

And by ladies I mean Wiggy :) (kidding)

(Friday Evening)-Armorbuilding| hypertrophy work
Calf raises 3x15
Dips + Pullups 10x10
Leg Curls 5x20
RFESS + Alternating Dbbell OHP 5x5+10
V-Rows + DB Shrugs 4x12+20
Hip Thrusts 5x10
Face Pulls 5x20

NOTE: None of this is super heavy, really done to "feel" the muscle. For instance I hold the RFESS/Bulgarian Squat deep at the bottom position for a few seconds every rep to really get my contraction high without using a ton of weight. Or I'll use fat gripz so I'm really crushing the shit out of whatever I grab. I don't do any MMA training friday evening so this is my fun outing for the night.

(Sunday Morning)- Explosion| 8-10x1-3, 1min-30s rest
Clean or Snatch Var: hi pull, power, hang,
Press var: Push Press, Jerk, Ballistic Bench, plyo pushup
Jump Var: Weighted box jumps, 1 leg box jumps

NOTE: This is a very fast BANG BANG type workout. Working on exploding like a motherfucker. Weights aren't very heavy but it's heavy on the speed of contraction. I really focus my mind to "turn on" as fast as possible. Pretty simple a complex pull variation, and a superset of a press and a jump. I don't change these exercises for a full cycle of 3 weeks so week1: 8sets, week2:9sets, week3:10sets. Just focus on bar speed. Greasy fast speed, speed is what we need!

(Sunday Night)- Maximal| work sets (1x5,1x3) + backoff set
Squat Var: Front, LowBar, Hi Bar
Press + Pull Var: Push Press+chin, Bench+dbRow, Incline(db)+1arm row,
DL Var: Conven, Sumo, Snatch, Rack,
Ab work(2-3setsxreps): barbell Twists, hang pikes, dragon flags, ab pulldowns, side bends

note So just 3 "real" exercises, a squat variation, a push and pull variation (supersetted) and a deadlift variation. I work up to a 5 rep max on week 1, and a 3 rep max on week 2, then switch exercises. I've personally had more success when I rotate exercises. I usually do a backoff set of 1x15-20 or a rest pause set of 8-8-8, depending how i feel, I play this by ear and I skip the backoff set if I'm not feeling like a sexy-beast. Or for instance I'll do backoff sets for the Deadlift variation instead of squats if my knees took a beating this week. Pretty intuitive. I keep track of all my lifts, but the Low Bar squat, Overhead Press and Deadlift are my primary indicators of progress. I don't necessarily do a full on MAX repetition, but incremental increase is still the goal, so as long as I'm going heavier than last week I'm ok. I stick with my 5 rep "max" as the indicator ala starting strength/5-3-1 style. So if I'm going to do Front Squats for 205x5, and 225x3. Then next time I front squat I may do 210x5 and 225x3 again I don't necessarily need to kill myself especially if I've had a rough week. Or at least this is what I'm thinking about on paper, as long as I make SOME progression that's what is important. I don't do a lot of abwork because I end up doing that the other days of the week in some form or the other.

In addition to this something I do at night before i go to bed usually when I'm watching some netflix goodies is to do "squeezes". I have a swiss ball and a 95%inflated basketball that I squeeze 10x10seconds. I just let the stopwatch on my phone run. I rest as much as I needed (ends up being more rest-pause style in the beginning) but it only takes me 10 MAYBE 15min (if I'm being lazy) to run through a couple positions. So I squeeze the swiss ball between my legs like it's in my guard, and then i squeeze the basketball: RNC, underhooks, gable grip hugs, double collar tie.

::Sidebar:: I almost called these ball squeezes hah!

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