Weight Watchers

My wife gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with my daughter. She started to lose it and got pregnant with my son and put on more weight. She's not the most disciplined person as far as exercising and dieting, but of course now two years later she wants to lose the weight. Her mother is on Weight Watchers and has lost 25 pounds and now is reccomending it to my wife. We have three kids, so there is always junk food in the house. I try to stay away from it, but she'll snag some oreos and a pepsi and sit in front of the tv. I know the Weight Watchers will restrict what she eats, and I think that's half the battle. Anyone have any positives or negatives regarding Weight Watchers? Thanks for the input

My wife belongs to WW. I actually went before. It is a fantastic program and if you get a good leader, it can be very motivating. The lady that ran the one in Stafford, VA lost more than 100 lbs. Needless to say, you would not recognize her from her photos.

Any diet like WW is a tough transition to make. It takes quite a bit of discipline but I think it is worth trying.

thanks for the input. I think she's going to check it out tomorrow.

I think it is bullshit. I mean do you want to live on points your whole live?

My girlfriend is about 18,7% Bodyfat at age 24. Just Bodyweight Exercises 3-4 times a week and a normal diet.Vegetables, rice, etc. and even sometimes chocolate, etc.

Dieting without working out is not the way I think.

My wife just started going after xmas. I think some of the critism is unwarrented. They do encourge exercise; they are currently giving out a workout dvd when you join. As for not being healthy, you have to certain amount of your points from different food groups, and they want you to drick lots of water. For lots eating soem fruit and veggies each day would be a change for the better.

Have a good one.

My wife used weight watchers after her first preg. that and went to Curves...It worked.

My mom went to the weight watchers back in the 70's and lost a
lot of weight. Aside from the fact that she gained most of it back
over the years and tried about every diet there ever was what
really helped her was the support from the others. The public
"weigh in" can really give your confidence a boost. The good thing
about it is that you are not alone, you see others with the same
problem, you see them struggle as well.

If you look at your friends and family all you see is the husband
and kids who can eat what they want and not gain any weight.
They don't understand the problems you are having and they want
to go out for burgers on Sunday, which means you are going to
starve for the rest of the day because you spend your points on
junk which makes you even more hungry half an hour later.

I think the WW are Ok for a start but after a while make sure your
wife changes a diet (as in nutrition) to a more healthy one. That's
what keeps the lbs off.

Your first step would be throwing out the junk food. We almost never had stuff like that in my house growing up, so I never really developed a taste for it.

Honestly, the thought of Oreos and Pepsi makes me gag.

I second that. I would toss all the junk food. Not like your kids NEED it, in any way. Think, you either have to restrain yourself when your shopping, or the whole time your at your house.

In the summer, my buddy and I get wrecked and eat a bunch of chicken breasts w/ tons of hot sauce and salads. You feel so much better than eating cake and ice cream all night.

Not having bad food in the cupboard is a huge step.

I have been lifteime member of Weight Watchers for
over 10 years. It is a program of sound nutrition,
exercise and portion control. The main tool used is
journalling and it is an effective one. You get to
understand a lot of things about your eating habits so
you can control them. Everyone in the meetings is in
the same boat, problem eating. You have to sit in a
class of mostly older women but they will treat you
like a friend and if you stick with the program you
can achieve whatever weight loss you wish, losing at a
rate of about 1 to 2 pounds per week. Any more than
that is fad dieting and is IMHO unhealthy.


My wife and I are on it now and we have both lost 20 lbs.

Grandpab is correct. As usual.