weighted dips

Hello all,

I have been doing weighted dips. I have a question. Would you do them with a weight vest on OR wearing a squat belt with dumb bells hanging from them?


I do them with a dip belt and plates or DBs, since we don't have a weight vest weighing more than 40 lbs.

I just use a DB between my legs.


You can do them anyway that is comfortable or accessible to you. In the past I've done them both ways. Using a dipping belt w/ plates felt "heavier" to me than using the vest, even though the amount of weight was the same. Very small difference, but u have to stabilize yourself a bit more when u have a weight dangling in space as opposed to having weight strapped securely to your chest/back.

Thanks guys. I will use the dumb bell hanging.

"I have been doing weighted dips"

how have you been doing them? I saved some money and bought a dip belt and used plates for resistance. I wouldn't mind using DBs rather than a belt, but there's no DBs avail at my training center over 60#. With plates you can just keep loading.


I have been experimenting with both weight vest and dumb bells. I personally like the latter because of the stabilizing factor.

I use a special belt for this. Years before, I use it for squats (straddling a bar). Plates would be hard to use with this belt.

I Like to use a combination of weighted vest (I like the X-vest) and plates ona belt.

On heavy sets, it is too much trouble to have only the belt. The X-vest can adjust from 1-40 lbs in 1 ilb increments. So I'll hang a plate, 25 - 35 - 45 and then do the rest with the vest.


Haven't had a problem using up to 100 pounds on the belt, though much more and I'll probably run out of room.