Weighted Jump Rope?

What's a good amount of weight for a weighted jump rope? What brand is best for using outdoors on a basketball court?

ironmind.com sells one!Ironmind=quality!

Most boxing equipment companies sell them, ranging from 1 to 4lbs.

Start light and work your way up.

I've tried a lot of weighted ropes over the years and my
favorite one is a low-tech version that I got at Fairtex. It isn't
much really, just two wooden handles bolted to a thick plastic
tube. The tube weighs just the right amount.

The only drawback is that it wears down pretty fast, but I just
replace the tube with thick, reinforced fuel line from the
hardware store. That way you can make it exactly how long
you want it too. I have found that ropes that come in standard
lengths (9 ft, 10 ft) never work for me. With the Fairtex rope I
can cut the plastic tubing to exactly the right length.


If your brave you can use a heavy chain. It's very cheap way to go, but hurts a bit if it hits you. I guess that's encouragement to skip better. Also make sure you won't hit anything....

Holy crap, raw22! Now that is some dino, milo, whatever you want to call it, you be a bad man, kind of stuff.

Slampage stylz!

I use the 6# HeavyRope, and think it's great. Try
using it as one of the "suits" in a deck of cards
routine, and double or triple the number of jumps the
card says.