weighted vests in Calgary?

anyone know where a good place to buy a weighted vest in Calgary...I called around to a few places and noone knew...any help would be great....thank you

graden, buy the xvest.... www.xvest.com for info.

Then go to e-bay to buy it. Best vest around.


ok chaed, i will take a look, which one 40? 50? 75? can you take and add weight to it?

They have a 12, 20, 40, and 84lb version. Each version can go up or down by 1 pound increments. The actual web address is:



thanks chaed

grAYDOn, quit callin me chaed.


Gord - call me up and i'll let you piggy-back me around. I've merely gotten to the age where i have a weighted vest around my middle all of the time. It's not getting me any more powerful.

lol @ blackthorn....may have to pass on that...

ha, ya blackthorn is a real weakling ;)

where you been T?


My wife's father passed away dogsledding in Yellowknife. I was up there for a few days. Give me a call if you want to train.

Holy crap those are expensive@!!

no shite...look like good quality though