Weightlifting for MMA training??

I want to start going to the gym early morning and then have classes at night.

Whats a good workout book or website for someone that does MMA?I've heard that wieghtlifting can some times slow you down and even make your joints less flexible.

Lots of concentration curls for the biceps. I heard that is how Cro Cop developed his kicking power.




Always bench and curl.

"I've heard that wieghtlifting can some times slow you down and even make your joints less flexible."

Was your past instructor a wing chun guy?

just make sure you strech to maintain your flexibility. The size that you need to be for you to lose your joint flexibility is damn hard to achieve and it's not something most people, besides those on gear or genetically gifted, have to worry about.

Martin Rooney (Renzo's S&C coach) has a great new book out. You could find it at Amazon.


lol @ weights. Weights are completely detrimental to sport, unless you want to be a big muscle bound freak. Hindu push ups are all you need. I do these and I can EASILY dominate 300lb powerlifters on the mat week in week out. And I'm only 130lbs.

groundfighter, I am not Matt Furey, but am a devout follower of his methods. This christmas to mark the 2004th birthday of Christ I performed 2004 hindu squats on christmas morning before I opened my presents. Later on in the day I still had the strength to totally dominate my father in law, (who is a 250lbs + lifelong weight lifter) in an all out sub grappling match on the lawn in the snow. And this was straight after dinner too.

Of course after lifting weights all his life his joints are shot to pieces, where as mine have been clinically proven to be getting younger.

"I do these and I can EASILY dominate 300lb powerlifters on the mat week in week out. And I'm only 130lbs. "


Powerlifters are basically guys like Bob Sapp. You'd pull guard and it wouldnt even budge them.

"clinically proven "

More details plz

Weights don't hit back!!!!!1

Ronin, you can't call bs on this until you've tried what I do. I started doing hindu push ups etc 2 years ago, and on visiting my doc last month he said that the various tests he did, (blood pressure, heart rate, joint analysis - it was a check up I'm meant to have for work) showed that I was actually getting younger, physically.

Toddseney is correct, weights do not hit back and are a waste of time unless you're a bodybuilder.

Whoever said weight training is detrimental is clueless, weight training gave me some very explosive strength and power, I was able to man handle guys 100lbs heavier than me and I'm 270! I got faster, stronger, and bigger. Proper weight training will be an asset to your training, don't listen to the scrawny guy who probably haven't ever picked up a weight.

For power ans explosiveness try Olympic lifts.

Good weight training exercises for sports include...

Bench press
Power Cleans
Shoulder press

I also work my biceps, back when I was grappling I was able to hold my opponents armbars off long enough to escape because of my strength.

Olympic lifts are only good at making you a better olympic-style lifter. Powerlifting makes you a better powerlifter.

If you want to be a good fighter, you have to fight!

It like you can't learn to swim without getting wet and stuff.

Juninho, do you realize that hindu pushups is a form of weight resistance? Just like weight lifting? Your body cant tell the difference between lifting metal DB or lifting your own bodyweight.

If you feel that you've benefited from hindu pushups, than you cant deny the benefits of lifting weights.

Well, you CAN always deny it, but that would make you a moron.

There's a piece on Crossfit on the OTM Scar Tissue DVD. Looks intense.

Ronin wouldn't get it if the Ghost of Farmer Burns smacked him upside the head...