Weights, cardio, and BJJ

Wsup ya'll...just wanted ur guys opinion on my routine...I lift (one body part), then do cardio-about 30-45 mins...4 hrs later i train BJJ

My problem is that i feel fatigued at BJJ and end up gassing out during drills and training/sparring sessions...should i just cut out cardio? any help would be much appreciated..thanks

Do you eat in between any of these activities?

Your question is too vague.  We'd need a ton more info before we could give any recommendations.

For example:

-You said you do one bodypart/day.  I assume it's standard bodybuilding training (3x10, 4x8, that sort of thing).  Is that the case?

-What is your cardio like?  Steady-state?  Intervals?  How intense is it?

-How many days/week do you lift/cardio, and how many BJJ?  Are your BJJ days always on days you lift/cardio?  Could you not lift/cardio on BJJ days?  Would this still give you day(s) off during the week?

-What's more important to you - lifting/cardio or BJJ?

-Which quality do you need more work on - strength or conditioning?

-What kind of rest/recovery/nutrition are you getting between?

I'm not trying to nitpick, but depending on the above, we could give you a variety of different recommendations...

Wiggy - MMA Conditioning

thnks wiggy, here's my schedule:

Mon: chest, run at 70% heart rate for 45mins

tues: biceps, HIIT on the treadmill 30mins@3pm: BJJ@7pm

wed: shoulders, run at 70% heart rate 45mins@3pm: BJJ@7pm

thurs: back, HIIT on the treadmill 30mins@3pm: BJJ@7pm

friday: triceps and abs, run@70% heart rate 45mins@3pm:BJJ@7pm

sat: traps, HIIT 30mins@3pm-no BJJ

sun: rest

I eat oatmeal and some fruit before my workout, protein shake afterwards, then a meal 2hrs later, small meal after BJJ.

More food imo... try and nap if you can, I know its pretty much impossible.

dirtstyle, do you do any leg work? Or is it included in your lifts eg on Thursdays? If not then I think its a large part missing from your routine.

I was trying to do a routine similar to that and train bjj 4 days a week as well. I felt burned out after a few weeks and I knew I was overtraining. I stuck to olympic stlye lifts 2 days a week and bjj 4 times a week. I also work full time so I don't have the extra time to nap that you may.