weights routine for boxing

Hi guys can anybody tell me the best exercises that are gonna increase speed and power for boxing and grappling and the type of rep range I should be lifting in.


Go to dragondoor.com and go to the articles section. You will find an excellent article there.


Which article? What's it called?

OneScoup is correct. However, resistance training can help your endurance considerably, e.g. doing pull-ups and military presses will help you keep your hands up through a whole fight. It can also help make the inside game a little easier if you are the kind of fighter who muscles an opponent around-- which is critical in mma.

But pure punching power and speed come from technique, unless you are really especially weak in some area.

Chem Sage,
It is called Kettlebell Conditioning for Boxers.
Click on the articles and then it is the first article on the list.

thanks guys.

what are hang cleans?

The simple answer, tommie, is that a hang clean is a clean from the "hang" position, where you start somewhere just above or about knee level.

A clean is a movement in which your whole body propels a weight upwords and you catch the weight at the top of your chest.


You should head over to rossboxing.com he has a ton of info on the subject your seeking.

Perfect your technique and be in great shape.

Hit the bag (with good form) like it stole your motorcycle. The sore spots in your muscles will tell you where you need any remediation. For example, sluggers often fatigue in their traps, runners in their front and side delts, and both get rubber-legged when not properly conditioned.

Keeping in mind that power is the most overrated component of striking, if your technique and conditioning are good and you still need more power, remember that the prime movers in power punches are the abs, obs, spinal erectors, intercostals and serratus--"core" stuff.

The single best movement for me has been the dumbell row, freaking heavy, done explosively. It's designed to target your lats, but very little else involves the core in the powerpunch-related twisting motion with as much resistance.

Generally, I do everything heavy, with dumbells, one side at a time, because the core almost always gets involved when you're working one side at a time. This goes for cleans, bench, shoulder push, shrugs, everything. Power gains have been noticeable.

BUT, I arrived at all that through research (for example, I learned the one-side-at-a-time stuff from strongman competitors) and experimentation to see what works best for ME, given my physical attributes and style.

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