Weird attack on Edmonton subway

Saw this on the news, the two people didn't know each other.

News account

Wtf was that? Phone Post 3.0


That was crazy

Ahh, the good ol' LRT.  I was in the middle of a mass brawl between a bunch of Rider and Eskimos fans on there one day after a bunch of us Riders fans were going back to a buddies place after the riders won.   Thankfully it was in the pre-worldstar days.

Gee, I wonder if drugs were involved.  She should be arrested and charged too

That was fucking weird lol Phone Post 3.0

I have a feeling if some meth'd out broad had ahold of my ear I would have dropped the Pringles sooner Phone Post 3.0

Lol hopefully he didn't get in trouble, that chick was nuts she might have attacked him again Phone Post 3.0

Those jackasses sitting there watching better tell the cops what happened Phone Post 3.0

Not big enough tatas to be NH Phone Post 3.0

Tiresias - That shit is highly weird. She's just sitting there normally, and then what happens to her face is extremely disturbing. Wonder why it was being recorded at that point though. Phone Post 3.0

My only thought is that maybe she was already acting erratically before the person started filming.

I do like the person's attempt to stop the guy from retaliating:

"Hey hey hey, she's probably fucking possessed."

Lol if you go on the news link I posted they talk more about it, they also have a vid or two of her weird behaviour before the attack on pony tail dude. She's doing some weird shit... I'm guessing she was off her meds or bathsalts lol. Something similar to this happened to me on the bus about 10 years ago, crazy lady started yelling and doing weird shit, some older lady stepped in and the bus driver came on the bus to toss her off...

The guy's behavior was weird too though. He barely reacts to the attack, then waits until she walks away to retaliate. Fucking bizarre video.

It's the long Canadian winter. Things like this happen at the end of hibernation. Carry on Phone Post 3.0

Did she just end up playing dead at the end? Or was she KO"d/tasered?

I was just on the lrt like a week ago... And that guy initially reacted like that shit happens to him all the time hahaha.

Jesus Christ Phone Post 3.0

His delayed attack was just being Canadian.  He had to let her go first.  Imagine two Canadians trying to walk through a door at the same time.  "After you."  "No, after you!"  That was a standard Canadian fight.

Later Phone Post 3.0

Arsenal88 - I have a feeling if some meth'd out broad had ahold of my ear I would have dropped the Pringles sooner Phone Post 3.0
Lol VU Phone Post 3.0

What is legally acceptable there... Could he still go after her even though she was walking off?

And yea that dude a death clutch in those Pringles... Maybe this is some hardcore guerrilla/viral marketing campaign? Sounds crazy but if you can get millions if hits for free with some excellent product placement... Phone Post 3.0