weird connection problem

For some reason, one of my XP SP2 systems seems to be disallowing everything except HTTP. I can't use Bittorrent, FTP, newsgroups, nothing. The only thing that works are web browsers. It is not the software firewalls because the problem persists even when they're off. It's not my routers or hardware firewall because it's a dual boot system and the other OS works fine. Seriously, WTF. I haven't changed anything. I haven't been playing with any of the settings. The problem seemingly started by itself. I'm thinking it's going to be something weird like one of the services being corrupted or something.

The only programs I've installed recently are Grabit and Newsbin Pro. The only programs I have running are Kerio, Norton Internet Security 2005, Norton Systemworks 2005, Ad-Watch and MSN Messenger. I don't have any spyware, viruses or anything like that.

I am about to just format the fucker and reinstall the OS unless anyone has any suggestions.