Weird interaction with some foreign lads tonight

I was walking teh dog early this evening and a large group of lads walked past.

One complimented my dog and seemed quite genuine about it. And they then kept walking.

But the last lad at teh back piped up and said he likes them too (my dog being a german shepherd) but then said rather loudly his was larger and much stronger.

It was weird that he said this as he hadn’t even paid any attention to the dog and was more interested in his phone.

Like a weird macho thing to claim. They all looked like clones of each other. All between 5’4 to 5’6 with jet black hair.

I have no idea where they were from but the closest I can guess is Armenian. They all wore shitty looking knockoff designer shirts.


According to my Armenian mate, the word dog means penis in English. :person_shrugging:


The street smelled badly of cheap euopean cologne even after they buggered off!

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Do you even know who he is bro?

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Yeah honestly they all looked like miniature Karo Perisyan’s!

Unibrows unite!!!


I just came back from teh same field and to my dismay the whole field was taken over by some huge Pride event!

There was nothing but fat lesbeans and men men wearing glitter!