Weird interview: Ariel and Uriah Faber

Ariel mentions Uriah's age at least 6 times. Right off the bat it's a bit contentious and then Uriah tells Ariel that he seems "low energy" lol. Do these guys not like each other?


Faber seemed to be saying that Ariel was a soy boy. I don't doubt this goes back to the days when Conor ran into Faber at weigh ins and also Ariel seems to be dismissive of Urijah's chances to compete with Simon.

Conor put another zero on the MMA media's paychecks.. For that they're fiercely loyal.

What if this had escalated to fisticuffs and a cut even. Good thing professionalism prevailed. 

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I have never met him personally but have headr from multiple sources that Faber is kinda a dick.