Weird Match

Not sure if this has been posted.

Cyborg got robbed. WTF was with the overtime?


Ref is an idiot. That was some bs. Cyborg got the tap first.

that was strange

What fuss? Keep stopping the match and dismissing the tap until your guy finally gets one himself. That sounds fair to me.

The guy that got his hand raised lost that match twice.



cyborg was robbed.

ref is the same guy who had that ridiculous match with ryan hall I believe

damn that was a joke lol

Wow, they actually got away with this? Which tournament was that?

Looks like GQ.

How would the guy who runs GQ allow Roberto to be screwed over like that. I am sure Roberto is one of their biggest competitors.

Dontbehatin is hatin

^ Trollin

Don't be scared.

That might be the worst ref. I have ever seen!

Typical Grapplers Quest crap. I don't hate grapplers quest. I actually like that they have alot of tourneys and there are always a ton of competitors in my brackets there. But the reffing is usually sub par. Not surprising though; you cant get the most professional refs to work 16 straight hours which is how long these tournaments sometimes run.