Weird Sh$t You Don't See Everyday

Eeeeeehhh, sorta.

The tapetum of a cow's eye. 

![The tapetum of a cow's eye.](upload://bAz8z4nwtNa9EbWhH4iS3cmiyRf.jpeg)


the reflection of the palm trees in this bubble


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The Mata Mata freshwater turtle found in South America, primarily in the Amazon and Orinoco basins.

![mata mata turtle](upload://mUAfP9G9eoDekHiTqn9copL1wXl.jpeg)


4. This is moss agate from Indonesia, the ”moss” is actually iron and other mineral inclusions in the stone that make it look like it contains a secret forest!

![Moss agate](upload://tw5bA3oBIHV5WDiMS0TGBAiq4tg.jpeg)



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This crab is attempting to hide beneath the smallest rock


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Amazing nest balanced on top of a wreath on front door


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Meet Diablopillar, lord of the Underworms

![membrane winged insect](upload://1r0kzMyD5xkuR4FJY5w61i5MBIh.jpeg)

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Rust formed on this old spool of wire in one of the coolest ways I’ve ever seen


My GF made a pancake that look like the moon when shot in B&W.




![small appliance](upload://607qcec5VEsO919W2EPzfEY5hwe.jpeg)

This shell I found that looks just like a coconut

![close up](upload://a9Yv8IIglDyOkaT2emmKqtohjtI.jpeg)

Cut open a tomato and the seeds were sprouting.


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![Friend found this while getting the hose](upload://cQrdgerxjwBRcQ9cvGNJch367zC.jpeg)


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Mountains, lake and auroras at the bottom of my coffee cup


These leaves on my walk have been crushed into the pavement to look like a tree.


papa pump -


Somewhere out there is a man who has fucked this.