Weirdest/Cringiest movie you've ever seen?

So I'll first admit that this thread is also serving a purpose to plug my youtube.  I review really obscure/weird/bad movies that you can only find on VHS for the most part and my most recent movie I found is this movie from 1988 called "Spy Trap" -  its a "family" movie and it's main storyline isn't that interesting, but its 13/14 year old kids and the side plot has the subject of masturbation, female ejaculation, and faking orgasms being discussed.  It's so insane and cringy and uncomfortable to watch.


It also features the kid who played BUZZ from Home Alone.  Anyway been trying to grow my youtube page, would love it if you guys gave me a subscribe, I am at 77 subs now, trying to hit 100 asap!  Check it out!... - Search "VideoCop" in youtube since the link isn't currently clickable 

Anything with David Arquette.
Fuck I hate that guy.

crudz - Anything with David Arquette.
Fuck I hate that guy.

ready to rumble and 8 legged freaks!!!

My favourite film of all time: Johnny Be Good. Hows this for cringeworthy? Anthony Michael Hall is the #1 high school quarterback in the country and all of the girls and recruiters want him. The backup QB? Why it's Robert Downey Jr of course. He plays the same role as he does in Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield. His girlfriend is the chicken butcher at the grocery story played by an actress making her film debut, Uma Thurman. The coach? Why it's the principal from Breakfast Club of course. THe guy that calls to congratulate Johnny after winning another state title? Howard Cosell of Cosell. The NFL quarterback whom he speaks to? Jim Mcmahon of course. 

ITs the best and worst of all times.


Scream was awesome 


For some reason this would always come on the USA network late at night. It would freak me out as a kid. 



Heatseeker. Cyborg kickboxers and a main character named Chance O'Brien was enough for me. Here's the trailer