Weirdest Place You Ever Pee'ed?

Back in high school I was spending the night at my homies house. Trashed on steel reserve. Went up the stairs to the bathroom but saw his little sister’s door was cracked, she was cute so I went in there. She was sleeping and I dont know why, I whipped it out I think planning to jack but wound up just starting to piss and went with it and pissed all over the foot of her bed and on her. LOL

Whats the funniest place you guys went pee?



I don’t think that is weird… I think it is assault and probably a host of other state, local, and federal charges


Its still the funniest place I ever pee’ed!

One time a couple years ago I was walking around looking for a place to find some vintage headbands to wear while I worked on becoming more lemur like and I walked up on this pond and was checking out all the fish and bicycles in it and got wondering how all that stuff got in that pond and it got me thinking and reminded me of where I grew up. So while I was taking in a slice of home I felt like I had to take a leak and I figured with all the trash in this pond/lake what’s the problem with adding a little pee into it. So I did and then I walked the half block back to one of the many Starbucks for a soy latte and then back to my townhome to relax.

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You were wondering how fish got in a lake? Thats their home, homie…


I was taking a shit on the banks of the nile and a cow flushed me out.

then the cow ate my poop


Sex club in Amsterdam. There were dudes waiting around the toilet wanting to be peed on.

So I pissed on them.

Not weird places but people get weirded out when i go to their party’s and refuse to piss in the toilet. I just find a tree or a wall or somewhere else but never the restroom

i have pissed in multiple vaginas

does that count ?

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It’s okay, guys. She was almost 13 which is a teenager.

My answer is a VCR.

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are you gay? not judging in any way iof you are.

but that is pretty homo

Why did you pee in a vcr?

Be kind and peewind


I don’t actually have any memory of it. It was either me or my buddy and I already had a history of drunkenly pissing where there was no toilet. So I just assume it was me lol.

It’s not gay to piss on dudes.

It is very gay to piss on dudes…faggot


it’s not gay to piss on a dude after you’ve beat the fuck out of him for raping your daughter or killing your wife

It might be a little gay to piss on someone at a sex club and give them sexual gratification

would you jerk off on a guy at a sex club?

there is your answer


I was sitting in the aisle seat on a plane coming back from Texas a few months ago. We ended up sitting there for about 40 mins before moving out onto the runway. We then we’re sitting and waiting on the runway and I couldn’t hold it any longer I was about to piss my pants. I had a sweatshirt that I laid on my lap and grabbed a potato chip bag that I had just finished eating the chips. I pissed in it enough to get relief without over flowing the bag. The flight attendant came by collecting garbage and I carefully dropped it in to not blow the bag up. There was no way I could have gotten up when we were ready to take off.


Into a gaping butthole