Weirdest Poker Game You Play

Our game is nighttime baseball with lights

Whenever we play dealer's choice, one kid always makes 7s and 2s wild because 7-2 is the worst starting hand in Hold 'Em. So there are 8 wild cards floating around.

Seven Card Guts (Hi Lo).

It is played like seven card stud with no wild cards. If you bet or check on the fifth card, you are automatically in to match the pot if you lose. After the seventh card, you put either no chips in your hand under the table for for low (worst hand) one chip in your hand for high (best hand) or two chips in your hand for both. Every one shows the chips in their hand and the pot is split between the high and low. If someone wins high and low they get the entire pot. Everyone else that did not win matches the pot for the next hand.

We call it the suckers game because you are often betting $20 or more to win half that amount.

We played around with one called Louisiana Hold 'Em.

Basically its Texas hold em, except everyone gets the river card dealt face down to them.

It gets interesting.


'Night Baseball' I know, but what does "with lights" mean?

The weirdest game we play is probably 'Russian Revolution', which is 7-card stud where Red Aces, Red Sevens, and Red Nines are wild, and a J, Q, or K dealt face-up costs you additional money. We don't play it often because its a pain in the ass. LOL

But we love playing "Utah" (same as "Cincinatti", but the last community card is wild)

Probably Limit

Everyone gets 7 cards. You arrange them however you choose. Baseball rules (3s and 9s are wild), 4 you can buy a card and 7's you have to stand up (stretch). You turn over cards until you can beat the previous player. Then you bet. 5 aces is a very possible hand. Stupid game, but I hated no peek so much, I invented it to counteract it when fuckers call it at my home game.

Yeah, we play that game too, minus the 7-stretch, LOL

We also play "Little League", which is 5 card stud using baseball rules....

LOL. Sweet. I am stealing that 1.