weirdest seminar

What's your weirdest seminar experience?

I went to this seminar recently:
- started 30 minutes late
- began with ONE HOUR of cardio
- six takedown techniques (no ground techniques)
- 20 more minutes of cardio
- pictures!

I once heard a white belt ask the bb giving the seminar a question pertaining directly to the move he just showed.

"I dont take questions."

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^^^ I'd ask for my money back.

The Murilo Bustamante & Royce Gracie seminars I went to were both very disappointing because neither guy made an effort. Zero enthusiasm from Murilo and vague hostility from Royce. Neither guy "corrected" a single person and in-between "teaching" Murilo would roll with friends and ignore everyone while at the Royce seminar, Royce looked like he was in a business meeting between techniques. Royce cut the seminar a hour short.

Mansur took no questions at his seminar and very inappropriately went on & on about how BJJ positions could all be found in the "Kama Sutra", in a seminar with about 6 children there! It was making people very uncomfortable --especially the parents of a couple of the kids.

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holy shit at Mansur. talk about inappropriate.

Bart Vale seminar shortly before he had his match with Dan Severn. Most of the guys there were from ISFA schools and all of them were talking about Vale "knocking out" Ken Shamrock.


Runner up would be Walt Bayless. He tought 95% wrestling stand up and rolled his eyes and scoffed when anyone asked a question about a move using the BJJ terminology (Kimura, etc.) Very disappointing and I did not see him as a "technician" as much as a guy who wrestled and knew some submissions.

disappointed to hear that about the bustamante seminar. would love to train with him.

I went to a seminar once where after being an hour late the instructor sat down and talked for an hour about how people who train with different schools have no honor. Myself and one other guy were the only people there who didn't belong to the host gym.

Relson used me for a demonstration and he farted on me while i was in his guard. then, later, he tried to say that it was me who farted.