Weirdness at the Vancouver Athletic Commission

Vancouver Sun:

Still trying to find out what's going on, but MMA insider Paul Lazenby is saying VAC commissioner Mirk Mladenovic is going to face an impeachment hearing this week.

I don't know if that motion is coming from the city or others on the commission, nor have I confirmed it's happening, but Mirko has taken great pleasure in needling the city through the UFC approval process and it has been long expected that he'd be harpooned by city officials at the first chance.

Just heard from Lazenby, and he's saying that the hearing will be closed-door - no access to outsiders will be granted. The charges, according to his website:

"using derogatory language toward others"

"...making public statements that are demeaning or disparaging to the individuals responsible for the administration of the city..."

"conduct that...amounts to discrimination, intimidation, harassment, verbal abuse or the adverse treatment of others..."

"inappropriately direct[ing] or influenc[ing] staff in the exercise of their duties or functions..."

"making public statements unfairly attacking or reflecting negatively on City of Vancouver individual staff or council officials..."

Mirko could be in trouble here. He's certainly guilty of a few of those (namely making statements about city staff), but few commissioners who have come before him wouldn't have found themselves in the same boat n similar circumstances, and in fact many have. Working with the city is a mind-numbing, soul-destroying business at the best of times, and the re-regulation of MMA in Vancouver was not a process I would exactly call "the best of times." Mirko has certainly made mistakes, and some have questioned whether he's up to the task of being commissioner, but nobody would question the guy's heart.

Mirko had told me a few times in the past few months that the city would pay him back for some of the things he did to get MMA regulation moving, and he really did work hard to make that happen in the face of, at times, out-and-out obfuscation from city staff. He told me he was prepared to fall on his sword if it meant pro MMA happens as a result. He may just get his wish.

Keep an eye on Lazenby's website for more as it happens, as he's close to the coal-face on this one.


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