Welcome back El Guapo


Bas vs. Kimo

good to see him back

Its great to see him back.

Was Kimo suppose to fight someone else initially?

Hope he lights up Kimo.

Bas is the man... I can't wait to see him back!

Cool. Now there is a smart match for an old school fighter to make. Not like Bas is jumping in there with Liddell, Franklin, or Wanderlei.


Bas will still own IMHO.

The whole card looks pretty damn good! As good as a lot of UFC cards IMO.

sweet.....Great card!

WB 'Bas!

bas is going to beat the shit out of kimo


body shotz!

isn't Bas like 45?

either way, ttt for a sweet LEE-ver kick

TTT for Bas.

puts on "liver shot" t-shirt, wears with pride

CRE is very correct!! kinda like how Pride does it.

He's 41. For more info, go to www.wfa.tv

ttt for bas killing kimo