Welcome home Starbury!!!!!!!!

What a great day, this is the most excited I have been for the Knicks in quite a while. They finally brought home new york city legend stephon marbury. This is one of the most underrated guys in the league he is only 26 and is a legit allstar and a vetran being in the league about 8 years but he is still young and about to hit his prime. For his CAREER he averages 22 points and 9 assists. The knicks WILL make the playoffs this year, its not like they will go anywhere but this is the first step in the right direction. we havent had a legit pointguard since derek harper left. Thank God for Isaih Thomas he is finally turning this thing around

Saying Vujanic could be better than Marbury is fucking ludicrous, Marbury is a legit allstar and Vujanic REFUSED to come and play for the Knicks they could have had him 2 years already but instead of coming to the garden this year he signed a 2 year deal to play in spain instead. It is a good move getting rid of him since all the insiders say that he doesnt want to come and play in New York. Lampke has poor work ethic and is a long term project he is nowhere near coming into the lineup and making a difference.

another thing you dont realize is college basketball in America is GARBAGE right now, there is no great player that we could even draft this year except Okafor and for him we would need a top 3 pick which we wouldnt get and lets be realistic giving up 2 draft picks isnt that big a deal since the knicks havent been known to draft good players.

Mutumbo had 10 blocks last night, he can be a difference maker in the paint and people think twice before driving to the lane with him there and with a backcourt of marbury/houston thats 2 guys who average 20points a game and kurt thomas and mutombo can worry about the rebounds and van horn averages about 8 rebounds a game too. This team is as good as any in the east right now IMO although thats not saying too much.

there is also talk there is a buyout option in keith van horns contract so they could buy him out in the summer hopefully and he will be gone.

No this ISNT a championship team but its at least headed in the right direction and at least Isaih HAS a direction on what to do with this team. Thats more than I can say for anyone since Pat Riley left.

great trade for the Knicks .Marbury is one of the very best guards out there and never gets hurt.Ya hes expensive But ya get what ya pay for and Marbury is one of the best

Tommie, I think it looks good on paper for you guys but I would never want Marbury running any team of mine. I think its a big problem just waiting to happen but I will say at least Isiah is not just sitting around, its better to try and make something happen and sit on shit

"I would never want Marbury running any team of mine"

why is that because he isnt a pass first true PG? he averages 8 assists a game what more do you want? or is it because hes not a 'team player' look at the teams hes been on if i was him i would shoot more too he had no talent around him except for KG. the nets teams he was on was NOT the same as the teams that went to the finals, he was still playing with the regular scrub nets. I thought marbury, marion and stoudamire is as good as a young nucleus as you could get and if they gave them time they would have won a championship IMO I cant believe they broke that up.

last year he averaged 22 points and 8 assists and 3 rebounds a game, you cant ask for much more than that from your pg.

I wish Bibby would average that many assists. Fuck, he shoots a lot too.

excellent observation Slowshot

Maryburys da shit Reason some people didnt like him is cause he liked to win and got pissed when they lose.Put some good players around him and hes the best point guard in the league

In my opinion, the Suns (Big suns fan) got the best out of that deal...for 3 players (I know they got rid of awesome players, but listen to what they got and think before you speak) they get 2!!! first round draft picks, they lower their cap 8 Million dollars, wich they can now offer to next years free agents (Wich could include Kobe) they got rights to that Euro Player (is supposed to rock, we will have to see), they got Barbosa (Owns and he is still young), and they still have Marion, and Stodamire....What can I say...Ouch for a year or 2, but give them time...They are playing there card really smart, and I can smell a ring here sometime soon :)