Welcome Mike Monica&Anthony Argyro

Id like to welcome my two brothers who will be my source for BJJ instruction & newest teamates.

Ill be helping them in MMA as Anthony will be a force in the 185lbs division in the near future.

This past week I got a chance to cross train with Anthony and he is awsome as a person and as a BJJ fighter.

ttt for cross training!

Wow,imagine barnone training with mike AND anthony,those three are gonna be wrecking havok on the MMA scene in no time.

Im not sure whats up with them and Renzo but all I know is that this is AMERICA and I can train with whoever the hell I want and form an Alliance with whom I want :)

As far as Danny goes I know he is a super fighter but have no idea on his personal dealings with Renzo.


MrZ its a inside joke my bad if everyone doesnt catch it. Thats why I put a :) smiley face on.

ttt for the freedom to train wherever you want!!



Thanks a ton MrZ for your support as well as everyone on here that posts on this thread.

I know getting better is something all fighters should do and adding these two world class people on is going to be special. :)

ttt....Barnone vs Daniel Gracie in Mexico!

Id welcome that fight any day as Daniel is a tough guy and I respect what he and his family have done for our sport.

ttt for barnone vs a gracie!!!

Bring it on Rickson!!

Anyone but Rickson he is someone I look up to. :)

I agree he has so much talent and is a very strong guy. The sport could use someone who is a great sport like Anthony.

What happened to Luke?


Luke is far away me and him still cary a close friendship and Luke Beston will always be HH 4 life :)


I am sure Danny will do well with his new team maybe Mr.Souza will bring out the best in Danny just like Mike and Anthony will in me.

I wish Danny all the best 4 sure.