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lay and pray with a horny hobbit vol 43

Ahhhh... the good ole ontological argument rears its head again. Shall we dispense with the back and forth and just go to the Philosophy 101 textbook to see what we're supposed to say next?


slaps 3rdleg across the face with a lace glove

Would that be a censorship of the Lord?

That's got to be one of those "sins against the Holy Spirit" things...unpardonable, you know.

I hope it was worth it.

That you supposed this was a challenge is an indictment of your character and general nature, sir.



the Dark Lord Sauron will not tolerate this blasphemy!

unleashes Orcs and Trolls

forcibly baptizes female and child orcs while male orcs are away at war

rug-burn in hell!

(BJJ version of the infernal afterlife)