Welcome to the new OG!

They are still here. If you want to read them again from the beginning, not sure what’s stopping you.

Can we change it back? This really is bad. Half the time, the ads at the bottom cover up the Reply button. Too much scrolling, too big and cumbersome. Just awful.


That was a super hard transition. I see why so many quit.

Looks good!!!

I lost my thread about Shitbulls… How do I find it again.
The title was:

Pitbulls should be banned everywhere. NSFW

I found it by looking at your profile and seeing your latest topics

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this is fucking horrible


About the pro names, should I email, or will you get around to fixing them all? I’m not in a super hurry…

Why don’t I see my picture anymore when I comment do I need to reupload it somewhere

sent you a private message.

Some notes on discourse app:

Everytime I open it I have to do two clicks to get to the OG. It doesn’t show usernames on threads just avatars.

My stats don’t make sense but I guess it doesn’t matter since post count and all that doesn’t show anymore. But I was nearing 100k in the next year or so :slight_smile:

Chris are black belts going to get their pro memberships still?

It’s good to hear that the layout can be changed, right now it’s way to generic and doesn’t make use of the space available.



What a disaster this new site is my cod. You took it from shitty to unusable, congratulations lmao

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Yes. Yes it is.


^^already an improvement