Welfare Queen Brett Farve in the news

Pretty sure people who commit the most theft look like Shannon.


Farve supported BLM. He’s a fag anyways and a Graham Republican.

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Lol. The people that commit the most crime look like Sharpe.

who do you honestly thinks steals more? some black dude who robs a couple hundred bucks and a few cigs, or these white criminals in wall street stealing billions from retirement plans?

Sharpe is only there because while blacks make up 1/8th the population they get half the representation on tv, and while he’d be considered dumb for a white guy hes the most intelligent articulate black ex-nfl player they could get.

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yeah, it was fake support. He doesnt care about black people.

he needs to be removed from the HOF.

Watching obvious trolling is funny . Sharpe whatever number , your shtick is awful .


I can’t pretend to know all the relevant facts of the case, but from what I’ve seen of this and prior incidents, favre is a shady fucker, and I’d imagine Mississippi politics and politicians are about as shady as Louisiana’s, possibly worse than the national average.

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Birds of a feather …

You mean like Biden and his long friendship with Donald weurhl, now defrocked cardinal, rapist, and protector of rapists and molestors in the church?



This is some @spjackson77 level repetitive attention whoring…

Only it works better for him because he’s trolling.

Fags of a feather. Your heros.

The states most dependant on federal aid are republican FYI.

They also have some of the highest populations of minorities. Next?

Why can’t republicans fix it?

Brett Farve out here buying lobster tails and Cadillac Escalades with Welfare money!