Well…. Almost died tonight

Woke up feeling super off when suddenly my heart started racing, and then my bpm dropped off a cliff and then sped back up.

An ambulance ride and multiple tests later they couldn’t explain why it happened but I also had a similar incident 15 or so years ago.

Blood pressure is in a normal range… no other indicators of a heart or circulation issue.

Seeing a cardiac specialist next week to try to figure out what the fuck is going on. It’s like I have some sort of heart defect that only pops up once in a blue moon.

Life be scary, yo.


Scary shir, man. Get to the bottom of that.

….Don’t be Ultimate Warrior ….

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Luckily I don’t have decades of steroid and coke abuse…

But I can shake some ropes like a sumbitch!

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Glad you made it through that and I hope you get your situation figured out and treated. That doesn’t seem like something to ignore or take lightly.

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if only you could put it in a bag of rice

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The weirdest part is that it happened before and they couldn’t figure it out then either.

Only now I’m obviously older so random shit like that is way more likely to kill a motherfucker.

Hoping this cardiac dude is House MD

Fuck…. Maybe I should hop on Amazon and buy enough bags to fill up a bathtub.

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post updates, thanks

I know I got a cliff in my future and appreciate any insights when I hit it

and hope the best for you

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Good luck and keep us posted. Scary stuff…

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Stop banging trannys



I have been “impolite” to you in the past, but I sincerely hope that you are ok, and that the tests will give you some sort of answers and nothing is wrong.


What about an anxiety attack…?


comedy central GIF by Workaholics

OG shit talk is like a bad blowjob….

It may not be incredibly enjoyable, but it usually ends in an orgasm and makes for great stories.

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They didn’t think that is it as the heart rate fluctuated wildly both up and down… and also would be unlikely to happen only twice in 37 years. (I also have virtually zero stress in my life)

Quit being a drama queen. After all the bullshit you post I highly doubt you are being honest.

Good Luck!

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May the Power protect you! Good luck! :smiley:

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now I’m sitting in emerg w/ family… heat stroke or anxiety,

good times looks like I’ll be here awhile

Good luck my guy.

Drink some water and breathe until someone gets a look at you.

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