Well I dodged a bullet guys

So I have been banging some limp dicked dudes wife for some time now. I know I know hitting a married dudes wife is not cool but this chick is HOT and the pussy was off the hook!! Anyway last night she tells me she's pregnant and she thinks its mine. She tells me not to worry though as she is gonna keep it and raise it with her Beta male as she feels he would make a great stay at home mom. I'm a little torn.....I mean I have no room in my life for kids right now and I am in a very selfish stage in my life but to think I have a little me running around makes me think... The real issue is what happens in 9 months as I am a black man. I guess we will just wait and see...... She's gonna tell him today at some point. Have not heard from her yet but not worried as she could kick this dudes ass if she had to. LOL Do you guys think I should step in or let it all play out??

5/10 Phone Post 3.0

Don't get why a man would fuck a married chick. Then again, I don't understand why a married whore would cheat and fuck some random guy. Phone Post 3.0

I think none of this happened.