Well It's About Time!


The Pope FINALLY apologized for Christians sacking Constantinople 800 years ago. Now that's out of the way, maybe he can find the time in his busy schedule to make one public statement on the whole "we help criminal priests hide from the law" thing.

OR, maybe he'll get around to that in a couple hundred years

yeah, I am. If I was catholic, I would leave. Its asinine to waste time on crap like this, and stick your head in the sand when it comes to the real problems facing the Church today


Dude fight the real enemy!




perhaps the catholics who are staying in the church are trying to FIX the problems within thier faith community, and thats specifcally why they are staying. Just because someone is a catholic doesn't mean they don't understand that the church has done some horrible things in the past, or that they have thier head buried in the sand.

i wasn't speaking to Catholics in general; they aren't the ones apologizing for stuff that happened hundreds of years ago. I was speaking to the people at the top