Well… thats enough internet for me today

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And I’m a two legged dog, woof woof bitch.

If I were to beat her cakes, would that make me a beastialitist?

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Kibbles and bits?
Or perhaps
Kibbles and dick?


Kibbles and Clits


She must go through a lot of peanut butter.

Fucking gross. Last time I was in jail… A dude in my cell was talking about his baby mama before she visited. Supposedly he paid her in heroin to hook up with his dad, then mounted his dog on her. Then he ended up getting her pregnant a few weeks later. WTF is wrong with goddamn people.

Imagine being that kid and finding that out. Yikes.

The word is “bestiality”, teach.

Nigga what??
Reexplain the dog part please