Well that's one way to traumatize your friend for life

Fake or not very well thought out.


Dick move.

They should have driven her to a remote location and made her dig her own grave. Then at the end spring it on her.


Rape her, and THEN spring it on her.


Lol some celebration it will be for her while she sits in her own urine.

Ooh! Yes!

Now that’s what you call a BIG practical joke.

Kidnap, send toes to parents, collect ransom. Throw her a massive party with the profit!

I don’t know if you’re joking or referencing the kids that did that.

Some wannabe film maker said he needed to know what real fear looks like so he can film it in the future, and convinced his friends to basically kidnap a girl who they know. They kidnapped her saying they were going to kill her and drove her into the woods, filming it the whole time. They took her to a grave they had dug in the woods before telling her it was a joke.

She didn’t find it funny, and had charges pressed against them. I don’t recall what happened, but I remember that at least the lead film maker guy was convicted.

The video used to be online, and it’s horrific. You have a girl around 20 years old, crying and begging for her life, while they drive her into the woods while holding a knife to her. It’s horrific, and I’m glad the people who did it were charged for it

I had never heard of this so did some googling because it sounded really interesting. Is this it:


Yeah, that sounds like it. I remember it was 15+ years ago, so the timing lines up. Back then the video footage was included in the article I read about it. I remember some of the video footage from the car ride, I don’t know if it’s me remembering it incorrectly, but I remember her crying and begging them to stop. I remember getting really pissed off that people would do this to another person as a joke

Nah, I didn’t know about that story. I was referencing your typical Italian mavia movie where they do that.