Well this is rare - julius jones granted clemency by oklahoma governor

death penalty commuted to life without parole


it would be nice if the governor had to state what evidence he found compelling in making the decision.

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For the past twenty-one years, both the state and federal judicial system have been involved scrutinizing this case. The courts have heard multiple appeals in multiple forms and at multiple levels from Julius Jones. They have found no claim which necessitated the granting of relief. Julius Jones’ defense team’s only hope now is to create such an uproar through a misinformation campaign as to put pressure on those that grant commutation or clemency. So for that, they turn to celebrities to help spread their misinformation…athletes and influencers with millions of followers. They turn to social justice warriors who do not have access to the transcripts, or to the legal opinions authored by the various appellate courts. Individuals who blindly trust that what they are being told is the truth. These social justice warriors, whom although well intentioned, know nothing about the rules of the evidence, trial strategy and the admissibility of evidence.

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should kill him and his parents


On the night of July 28th, 1999, Paul Howell was brutally murdered in front of his sister and two young daughters as he pulled his Suburban into his parents’ driveway after an evening of back-to-school shopping.

Julius Jones walked up to the car and put the gun to Paul’s head, pulling the trigger. As Paul’s sister was rushing the girls out of the car and towards the house, Jones fired another shot before driving away in the Suburban. The victim’s sister told police that the killer was wearing a red bandana, a white shirt and a black stocking cap.

On July 31st, Julius Jones was arrested and charged with the murder of Paul Howell. Police found a .25 caliber handgun (the murder weapon - confirmed by ballistics testing) wrapped in a red bandana in the attic space above Jones’s bedroom closet at his parents’ home. The magazine for the gun was in the doorbell chime housing and .25 caliber ammunition was recoverd from Jones’ vehicle which had been taken to a mechanic shop in the immediate days following the murder. Jones also had a white T-shirt with black trim and a black stocking cap in his bedroom.

Jones had a history of criminal and violent activity leading up to the murder of Paul Howell, including two other armed carjackings and attempted kidnapping. Jones had also pled guilty, before the murder, to unlawful use of a fictitious name, false declaration to a pawnbroker, concealing stolen property, and larceny from a retailer.

Jones was found guilty of the murder of Paul Howell in a court of law and convicted of felony murder, possession of a firearm and conspiracy, and conspiracy to commit a felony (armed robbery).

Julius Jones has had his day in court, numerous times. His case has been granted reviews in the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals (“OCCA”) 4 times. All told, because of changes in the composition of the OCCA, a total of 13 appellate judges have reviewed Jones’s conviction and sentence. For each appeal the OCCA found “overwhelming” evidence of Jones’s guilt.

In 2017, DNA testing of the red bandana found wrapped around the murder weapon in Jones’s home further incriminated Jones by testing positive for his DNA.

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Why? Dude murdered someone in front of their daughters, found murder weapon, DNA evidence confirmed it was him, security camera ties him to the scene. This is absolutely ridiculous. So all that has to happen his Kim k and some other trash rappers complain and they won’t exterminate a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to breathe anymore.


Fuck that…kill him!


The Gov did that because he was told lethal injections were too painful for death-row inmates.

yeah the parole board just voted for clemency for another person this week for that same reason “citing concerns with state lethal injection protocols”, if the governor grants that one too then they might as well just go back to banning executions, they only just recently started doing them again and the first one didnt go so well


jones argument was that his friend was the shooter and framed jones for it, the friend admitted to being part of it but not the shooter and testified against jones and served 15 years.

I’m not a fan of governments killing people for any reason.

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I’ve seen people bitching about this case and this is the first time actually reading About it, I’m lost here, what are people mad about when this guy is a piece of shit?

So misplaced outrage? It seems “non SJW” related. Both sides foaming at the mouth based on false information…

And so many forms of executions are more “humane” than lethal injections. Stop doing them! As if humans didn’t have milleniums of killing people to find a better method…

Yeah I just heard about this case when baker mayfield shed his virtue signaling tears.

I looked it up and cannot fathom how anyone thinks he is innocent. Just more examples of the liberal logic which is ran on emotions. We should all know the flaws in letting emotions run your logic.

The internet is probably one of the worst things that ever happened to humanity. What was once thought to bring the age of information has become the age of misinformation and popularity. All you gotta do is misinform celebrities and have them mass tweet about it and the masses blindly parrot misinformation.

This is a bipartisan issue as well, it’s just the stupidity of people. You know how many people are jumping on this flat earth conspiracies, or giants exist and American soldiers fought them in Afghanistan… hollow earth entrance in Antarctica. Etc etc.

We’re all fucked.


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I don’t know the evidence, but he was tried and convicted. It’s also very possible he was wrongfully convicted. It wouldn’t be the first time by any stretch of the imagination. However, he did lose all his appeals. Having said that, I hate that we have to pay to incarcerate him for life. I also hate that the alternative is someone murdering this man, even if he deserves to die. What a tough spot.

So let him live with u

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yeah if you like him so much why dont you marry him !

How do you feel about government killing wrongly accused?

How do we draw the line with certainty where we execute the actual guilty but not the wrongly found guilty?