Well, well, well...this is COMICAL

This was taken off of MMAWeekly.com:

"Stephane Patry, Owner of TKO Productions in Montreal, gave his side of the story on the cancellation of the rival Canadian promotion "Shut Up and Fight" at the British Columbia event on MMAWeekly Radio on Monday.

Patry said, "We had nothing to do with it," and that the allegations made against he and Mark Pavelich are false. He stated that the event was not sanctioned by anyone and was canceled because it was illegal. Stephane added that Pavelich is not part of TKO and he couldn't speak for him but is confident that Mark had nothing to do with it either..."

That is pretty funny considering that there was an "Official Release" on this very forum not more than 3 days ago STATING that Mark Pavelich is infact the "...new Vice President of TKO..." and Stephane is the "...new Vice President of the MFC..."

How much bullshit is too much bullshit ?!? Is there a "bullshit quota" that can be filled on the forum before you have your "I'm stupid and can't keep track of my words" card handed to you on a silver platter LOL ?!?

More back tracking, more lies, more bullshit. Wasn't it Stephane who said on THIS VERY FORUM that Mark was now "Officially" part of TKO, but on Monday, Mark is "...not part of TKO..."

You have to be kidding me, right ? Un-fucking believable...yet oddly believable.

*sits quietly now, waiting for the ship to sink*

Please, discuss this amongst yourselves incase I'm retarded and can't read properly.


...nope, I'm NOT retarded, and I CAN infact read:

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"The new association begins immediately as Mark Pavelich is the new TKO Vice-President and Stephane Patry is the new MFC Vice-President, with both being involved in the ownership of the companies..."

What was the date of that post...hmmm, the 4th. What day is it again ?!? OH RIGHT, the 8th was the day the interview took place...lets have a quick math lesson for the unfortunate few who can't count.

4,5,6,7,8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888 !!!So, Mark is the new VP on the 4th, but on the 8th, he's not a part of TKO in any way ?!?

Discuss THAT amongst yourselves.


Not surprised by this either. Pavelich will be dumped soon. It will look good on him.


Remember my 'Chances Are' Theory? If not, I'll explain. We've used it numerous times in these situations.

Please do explain joe.

Ahhh, yes I do now that you mention it. Very good point you make sir.


J.T. where is the info you promised us days ago????


Please be patient, this is a very delicate situation, I'm fielding MANY offers for a serious telling of this story, and by that I mean TV/Radio and various other avenues.

If I jump on the forum and start "going off" on TKO, then I might lose some credibility and such. Infact, I've said too much already, but will continue to take the advice of those around me, advice from friends, and that of a "legal" standpoint. You can trust me when I say the news WILL come out, in what fashion it comes out is another story. I'm sure you understand the serious nature of what has transpired in the past week.

Believe this: The story WILL be told, it's only a matter of time.



i totally understand that it's very delicate. I'm pretty sure you'll handle this the right way.


Thank you very much for your understanding Simon, I assure you that you will not be left in the dark about all of this, neither will the rest of the MMA fans here in Canada.

Take care,


Hello JT,

If I were you I would move on from this. This is the time that people in life should take this kind of negative energy and put it to good use somewhere else in their life. JT you are above this and you know it. You can not stoop to levels that are not made for you. TKO is around and is going to be around no matter what. In all honesty a month from now people will have forgotten this(not all) and fighters will again ask and beg to be on TKO cards. I would save your information for a rainy day and harness your energy into your next step in life. Negative thoughts are acted out in negative acts. Positive thoughts are acted out in postive acts. How do you want to act?


Sounds like wise advise to me

ViewType no mention of avoiding it, just harnessing it and releasing it in a positive way. I'm no flower power person either but playing games that can not be won isn't worth the energy.

In a sense you are all correct in regards to just "...letting it go..." but in another sense, you are not correct at all.

If any of you have learned anything from me and my usual forum anal-rape sessions in regards to things that piss me off, you would see that this time things are a bit different. I did infact have a few posts in regards to this situation that would and could be described as "anal-rape" esque. But things have to change in regards to this situation.

I'm NOT going to simply let it go, I will however change my approach in regards to letting everyone know the truth. What some of you have yet to realize, or can't understand is that this was my life, and the lives of MANY others that were damaged in this situation and situations in the past regarding UCC/TKO. It's easy to sit here as a fan and simply "read the happenings" and not be directly involved in them. If the info that gets released regarding the history of bullshit that myself and MANY others have gone through, saves ONE person, be it a fan, a fighter, or a manager etc...from getting involved in this shit ever again, then I've done my job well.

I think it's my responsibility to inform anyone who will listen about what they'll be getting themselves into, wouldn't you want the same courtesy if I knew of something you were getting into was going to ultimately be damaging to not only your name, but your family, your finances, you life etc...? I think you would want to know.

The list of people that have contacted me in the past week to have me tell this story is UNREAL, it has to be done properly though, hence what is taking the time. If TKO is still here in the end, that's fine, perhaps by this situation taking place it'll force those in charge to either change their ways, or at least start respecting those who bust their asses for them on a daily basis. I busted mine, as did Joe Ferraro, and for what ? One payday in over 2 and a half years ? Oh wait, and 2 free DVD's, how soon I forget.

This has to be done in order for people to be prepared, the promises that were made to myself, Joe Ferraro and COUNTLESS others were all false and were never going to be fulfilled. I've heard things from people who you NEVER would've guessed in a million years would be telling ME anything. That's why this has to be done properly, I have NO intention of damaging anyones life/career/finances due to telling me these things.

I hope this situation goes away very soon as do all if you, but not before the truth comes out about how lives were hurt and damaged by the things that Stephane has done to not only me, but to many others as well.



I agree with Mental. Don't be unhappy yourself because of something someone else did. Rise above other people's actions and move on. I almost avoid the Canada form altogether the last few days becasue almost every thread is negative. The past is done and it is time to move forward. Just my two cents, not that it is any of my business anyways :)


J.T. man, my heart goes out to you.

"One payday in over 2 and a half years ? Oh wait, and 2 free DVD's, how soon I forget."

Breaks my heart to hear shit like that. I`m sure with the close friendships you have in the business you will be well advised on how to handle this situation.

I wish you all the best bro...

Somebody do everyone a favour, find Patry and kick him right in the balls please.

I understand what you mean Gord, and in all honesty, I'm not pissed anymore, I'm actually heartbroken.

I thought I had a friend who was looking out for not only the sport, but for Joe and I as well. I'm beyond the feeling of hatred for anyone. I just don't want others to make the same mistake that myself and others have made. No hate, just caution.

I'm very happy now, and have 3 AMAZING offers on the table in regards to work, some of which would have me relocate to the US again, and others to relocate to other parts of Canada. Time will tell though.

Randy, thanks bro, I know you care about what happens and I appreciate all of your support as does Joe and the rest of the people hurt by this mess.

Thanks again,



If you get a chance drop by KATA and train with Scott and the boys. I still haven't met you yet. I've missed every class since Joslins cause of work but finally made it out yesterday. Got my ass whooped good but it was the best stress reliever.

Come on out, you're always welcome. Bad news though, Capoeira is cancelled so no more hotties in the tights.

Thanks JT for the reply and see where you are coming from. Much respect from the east coast JT.