Welp, my business is shut down due to covid

My daughter tested positive yesterday. She had been in the restaurant on Monday and Wed. Had a scratchy throat and felt nauseous Wed morning when she came in, then her boyfriend called and said that he tested positive after having a severe reaction to the vaccine he got on Tues and went to the hospital where they tested him.

Wife and I shut down immediately and after talking with the CDC. I was told anyone that had 15 minutes of cumulative contact with her since Monday has to quarantine for 10 days. We are a small 50 seat restaurant and that pretty much covers 90 percent of our staff since Monday.

Not sure why I am posting, just looking to vent I guess. Wife and I both agreed that we are paying the staff for the next 10 days so they are not impacted financially. Not only losing sales we will be out about 10,000 dollars.

Fuck me. Be safe out there.


Rough one. Your daughter is SOOOO grounded!


Send her my way, I’ll punish her…


You have no idea brother!


On the plus side it looks like I may get out of the trafficking trial that I was subpoenaed for from two years ago.

Happy Bill Murray GIF


No chance with that name!


Really sorry to hear this op.

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Sorry to hear OP. Hope you and your family are ok. Will be thinking about ya

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Stay safe OP and your family and hope your business gets back on track and kills it when you reopen.

You passed the “good father” test… carry on!

Seriously though, sorry to hear about your family and business, hope everyone makes it through healthy!

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bury the lede much

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What state you in OP? I recently got a Lincoln and I’m all about the road trips now. If you’re not super far I may come have a bologna sandwich at your restaurant someday!


I want to have a bologna sandwhich with you, my treat, and wrassle with you (non homo way) but I just ask you dont do any of your dirty tactics on me

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whoa, I thought you got the 4-runner with 300K+miles fixed up???

Huh Lincoln???

Damn. Tough break, Ghost. Only bright side is that we all know you are a resilient, self-reliant dude.

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He is now a rich man.

It’s a pain in the ass. Me and my old lady both got it and we haven’t left the house for 9 days. Ordered in groceries etc.

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No, just an afterthought

Sucks to hear Ghost. Maybe it will free up time to research a side gig. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes my man.

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Maine, but you need to stop @Gritty place for a bologna pizza