Welterweight Division is the deepest in the UFC

Before you all tell me its lightweight or light heavyweight, this is just my opinion and this is all opinion based anyways...

So, I was reading the welterweight fighter roster on the UFC website and I was just blown away by how deep it is..

this list is not the whole WW division just the names I chose to mention to make my point..

Papy Abedi
Yoshihiro Akiyama
Thiago Alves
Siyar Bahadurzada
Charlie Brenneman
Carlos Condit
Brian Ebersole
Jake Ellenberger
Jon Fitch
Dan Hardy
Johny Hendricks
Matt Hughes
Martin Kampmann
Dong Hyun Kim
Josh Koscheck
Rory MacDonald
Che Mills
BJ Penn
Mike Pyle
Carlos Eduardo Rocha
Diego Sanchez
Matt Serra
Jake Shields
Erick Silva
Georges St-Pierre
Rick Story
Mike Swick
Paulo Thiago

LW by far.

I can name about 20 fighters from any division and say it's the deepest also Phone Post

Super Heavy Weight IMHO

You forgot the #2 ranked ww Phone Post

RobinHood - Matt Sera! Wtf. Come on man that's lazy post. You just copy and pasted from wiki or something.<br><br>LW is defo most exciting division if not the depth of your list. <img src="/images/phone/apple.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

no i scrolled through the fighter list on ufc.com and wrote out each name... i think matt serra is a top fighter not top 10 but the guys got skills everywhere and one hitter quitter power..fluke or not he did KO gsp once

Lw or Lhw before WW

Nick Diaz? Phone Post

Damn somebody make a list like op but of every weight class. That was interesting to see the possible great match ups laid out like that. Phone Post

LW is deepest by far. I think WW is a bit overrated but every weight class has lots of talent

LW AND WW imho 

G Sots
Nate Diaz

Anthony Johnson (kidding) Phone Post

I dont think you can say the UFC LW division is the deepest, when two top 5 guys, Melendez and Aoki, arent even in the mix. Let alone Alvarez, kawajiri, Thompson and Chandler.

If you matched up the top 5 LW's in the UFC vs the top 5 LW's outside of the UFC, it wouldnt be that much of a mis match.

WW or LHW would be the most talented in my opinion.

lhw, lw, mw all better than ww

I think we can all agree the flyweight is the shallow-ist. It has 4 fighters