is a 1st class American fast food establishment. The quality of their beef is elite level.


I concur


People wont like this but there chili is pretty good with the hot oil stuff in it.


For fast food it aint bad at all


When I was in high school they used to have a chicken ceasar wrap that I ate often.

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Fuck Wendy’s, at least the one close to my house. Used to go a few times a month when I needed a quick meal between shifts during pandemic times. They finally did a curbside pickup with the app and had some crudely made parking signs for where to wait.

Sign and app both said to hit “I’m here” so they would get your order to you. Worked fine a few times. Then they’d spend forever before coming out and delivering.

The last time i went the gm (I’m assuming. Middle aged sad looking guy) stated that I had to let them know I was here. I’m like I did. I used the app. “That doesn’t mean anything. You can click that anywhere in the city. All that means is we start your food.” I’m like wth, I’m following your company’s directions. He got a shitty tone and told me to use the drive thru when using the app, which made absolutely no sense.

Only reason I went was it was convenient with the app. Oh well, shit was probably killing me.


The only thing I’ve never liked about Wendy’s is their toppings. It’s like they pull it out of the fridge to order. I haven’t had it in many years but I just recall thinking the ice cold onion, pickles, and lettuce really put off the burger.

I love Culver’s only recently discovered it after driving by it for years.

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Baconator is the goat of all fast food sandwiches


Miss the old Wendy’s fries.


JBC is the GOAT


They use REAL ingredients and dont freeze the meat.

Fairly consistent quality. Favorite fast food for sure.

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Don’t mind if I do.


Wife discovered Culver’s when she used to go to WI for conferences. We finally got one here couple months back and it’s the only fast food place we eat at any more.


I dated a girl for a bit when we were in high school who had a part time job at Wendy’s.

Good times.

She would bring food to my house on weekends after his shift and we’d make out for a bit then go out and hang.

Awesome girl.

Good memories.

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Chick fil a
Five guys

All better. And that’s not including any sub places or in and out (none around me)


It’s good every once and awhile.

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I use to work there during high school.

Ask me anything.

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low price fast food, I agree for a national chain. High price fast food like 5 guys is better but twice the price. In and out is better buy that is not all parts of the country sadly


In the 80’s they used to make the frostees with a basic bag of powder that got mixed with water and frozen.

They still do it that way?

To stick with the burger theme I’d drop Chick fil A, Zaxby’s and Arby’s and insert

Relish Burger
Grub Burger Bar

Not sure if these are all national chains, but they’re all better than Wendy’s IMO. However, they’re not really fast food in the usual sense, so that may disqualify them for purposes of this discussion.

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