Went to a concert Saturday night..

now you are probably thinking, who cares? Well I just wanted to say that the concert was a Pearl Jam show in Toledo, Ohio(a 10 hour drive for me). Regardless the show was amazing and what I am actually making this post about is to say there were special SURPRISE guests. Who were these guests? How about Neil Young and Peter Frampton. Those are pretty good random surprise guests.

There was a concert the night before and the night after and there were not guests, just for the Toledo show. He played Harvest Moon with Eddie Vedder and his wife Pegi. Then they played All Along the Watchtower(whole Pearl Jam band and Frampton), Act of Love(song off of Mirrorball with the BAND of Pearl Jam), CORTEZ the Killer, and Rockin in the Free World. These were not abbreviated versions either. Cortez lasted about 12 minutes, RITFW about 10, etc.

Oh yeah one last thing now. I have seen Neil Young andCrazy Horse play Rockin in the Free World by themselves, I have seen Pearl Jam play Rockin in the Free World by themselves, and now I have seen Neil Young and Pearl Jam play Rockin in the free World together. I have a feeling there isnt too many other people that can say that.

Damn, that sounds like a great show man. I've seen both bands together when they were touring on the same bill, but I don't think they played anything together. That must have rocked!