Went to a judo class

I have to say, going to a judo class was kind of neat. There is a judo club at Offutt AFB and seemed pretty nice, a lady ran it and had 44 years exp and seemed to know alot about the sport.

I also met a Japanese Olympian there (female) who was staying in town for awhile while her husband finishes his masters degree.

There we some nice things here and there to get explained such as all the ...japanese judo terms that I always hear on here.

I also got to talk to the Japanese girl about some MMA/wrestling/k-1 in Japan, she got really excited when I mentioned that I am trying to get a tape of the K-1 fights and seemed to like Bob Sapp. She asked me "Mike Tyson or Bob Sapp" I told her Tyson. She knew most of the Japanese fighters I spoke of and seemed to have alot on enjoyment for the sport and talked about Sakuraba some.

I think she was talking about the gym she was from (her english is....decent) But she said the gym she trains at in Japan is where Ogwawa? used to/currently trains, I'm not too sure on the details, but I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share my experience.

-Airforce Fin

Hey fin,

Who was this Olympian? That's quite an honor. What weight class did she compete in? Alot of those ladies can toss men twice their size, its a real sight to see.

Yama, she looked around 125-130lbish I wish I remembered her name

She placed Gold in an Australian Open or something like that. And there is a Cuban chick that beat her that got Gold in the Olympics, I don't know if that helps.

She actually beat that chick in some earlier tourney

Fin, where are you stationed @ and what have you been up to. I trained with you for a little while, when you were stationed in Biloxi. The last time I was near a mat was at the FFC tournament you enterd in July. I've been working on my masters since August and have been really out of the scene.

Offutt AFB in Omaha, NE - well, I've been outta the scene for a little bit, I hate it - I got myself to pretty good shape again, and I lost it all because my ankle injury...freakin' a.

But, I finally got some contacts up here and I'll be on the mats soon again. I was at 162lbs for that tourney and now I'm back near 190lbs...uggghhhh...

Good luck on the masters

Thanks. How'd you hurt your ankle and are you still doing the IT thing?

fin, take advantage of the chance to train with a Japanese Olympian. I had a 5th dan from Japan train with my club for a while when I did judo, and was amazed at how smooth his technique and his great ability. And he wasn't even a great competitor. Take advantage of this opportunity, man. Learn every fucking bit you can from this woman.

FINNY!! This is Jeff from Renken's gym.
How is the Air Force treating you?