Went to great seminar today!

All i have to say is you are lucky, lucky C#$%!!!

Are they going to open up a school in America? They've been here a lot lately


andre I hate you!

The Vieira brothers rule!

I met them two weeks ago at a workshop they did in Naples with Andre Galvo. Very cool guys.

I left early (he was going over some spider guard passes). How was the
rest of it? Was the no-gi portion cool?

Had a fun roll with you Andre, thanks!



I had a great time rolling with you. You have an awesome game and such a refreshingly cool attitude. Let's be sure to train together again soon!

I was surprised how good the no gi portion was! I prefer gi usually, so I was a bit disappointed when it was time to switch to no gi. But the passes he covered were so helpful that I was really glad he switched.

To quote Ricardo Vieira:



ricardo is a cool dude..

tell us about the seminar!

I really liked the seminar because it was focused on just one aspect of the game: passing the guard.

He started with gi:

1) Pass butterfly guard by controlling lapel and the pants at the ankle on the same side.

2) Pass butterfly guard when opponent gets underhook.

3) Spider guard pass: toreana with a cool detail about the elbow that is closest to the guy when you finish (it needs to be between his legs as you pass).

4) Spider guard pass when opponent doesn't let you drop his legs: Force to turtle and take the back.

5) Halfguard pass: a great halfguard pass in which you seem to disengage and then pass like a squatting version of the Margarida pass.

Then it was no gi:

1) leg hug grip: Once you get this grip on a leg, you are almost guaranteed to pass. He explained how the leg has to be secured in this position and how to prevent the opponent from countering.

2) How to get to leg hug grip: He showed how to get the grip when you are on the ground. Almost like an arm drag, but dragging the leg instead.

3) How to get it when opponent is playing a seated guard and you are standing.

4) Ricardo showed a great pass before your opponent is able to engage you with his legs. It is almost like a no gi toreana.

Then Ricardo and Leo rolled with everyone, but I had to leave before they started. I was already running late at that point.

they also showed a no gi butterfly guard pass before they went into the leg hug grip part.

Can you describe those butterfly guard passes for gi in a little more detail? I always get caught in that accursed overhook from butterfly guard.

Does "ooooooooiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" sound like "way" in English?
Ricardo sat in the seat right behind me at ADCC and was incessantly yelling "way" at the top of his lungs directly into my ear whenever Andre Galvao was competing. I love watching Galvao, but I was hoping he'd lose so Richardo would stop yelling at me. Heh.