went to RAW last night

good times.

A lot of matches were squashed into the three hour show.

Chuck and albert (sorry A-train) squashed a couple of INdy wrestlers to start it, followed by Victoria v Jazz. It seems as though the heat matches don't get live comentary these days as there was no one at the booth until RAW started.

The crowd were real hot for most of the night. Foley by far being the most popular. Loads of heat for evolution and the French or Canadians or whatever the fuck they are. Place was pretty packed too.

From where i was i couldn't make out it was AL snow in the ninja mask, and judging by the crowd neither could many of them.

Jerico is well over and people couldn't stop doing Flair wooooo's all night, even before the event, place was like a pigeon loft.

Main event stole the show. The played that match perfect, slow build up and then exploded at the end. Didn't really know who was gonna get it. Foley finished off the night sayign that tonight was the night that saw the retern of cactus jack and that he was gonna be the most brutal and ruthless he's ever been and in a nice touch he said that tonight was the night that saw Benjamin become a star.

Benjamin will go far, his skit with Bischoff was excellent.

The eugene gimmick should work well with carefull writing, that shit was funny last night, and Regal is exactly the man to carry Eugene. Reminds me of british indy wrestling from the fairgrounds back home and thats how it felt last night when eugene came out.
Great stuff.

Great show.

TTT for Regal

Awesome, I missed almost the whole show and only caught the main event. Which I thought started off very crappily but ended up kicking ass. I thought the tv ending was gay as fuck though. Evolution loses, and then it shows Michaels and Benoit standing in the ring staring at eachother, and then on the outside of the ring HHH climbs up onto the ring apron and is just staring at the two of them. lol, I'm not explaining it well but it was fucking pathetic. :)

Al Snow was friggin impressive.

I could tell it was Al after a couple of minutes...great match, he's been around nearly 20 years and can still move with the best of them

I could tell it was Al Snow because of the mask. It was the same one he used for his short lived Shinobi gimmic between Avatar and Leif Cassidy.


I figured it was Snow after a couple of minutes. I couldn't tell by his moves but I figured it was him because he works with Coach on Heat.