Went to Sherdog...got this


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hmmm... weird, I just went there and had no problem.

 Said I had a virus that was blocked.  I went straight there too. 

I wonder if Dana had anything to do with this


What ever happened with the Myspace fighter?

I don't visit there anymore because of the viruses.

Wish I could. Like some of their news.


crowbar - 


What ever happened with the Myspace fighter?


I`m suprised that someone remembers the thread.I know Frank turned him over to a promoter,but I thought that he stayed in contact?

I can`t remember the promoters screen name.


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Is Frank still the fake fighter detective I remember?

Did he ever release the Anaconda choke he had on Forrest s' ball sack?

damn ! where has the time gone!?!

Works fine for me....

 crowbar, that was like 3 years ago.  I gave him the contact info and we emailed only like 2-3 times.  He said he wanted to fight, had trained, etc.   That was it.

 But there have been 4 or 5 since then that others have posted "fake" fighters.

Thank you for the update Frank.

haha, thought there'd be a photo of teh bad AIDS....