Went to the ballet last night and I really dug it!

Last night we took our nine year old dancer to see a ballet. It was Sleeping Beauty.

I've never been to a professional ballet before, and I thought it was gonna be booooorrrrring.

Boy was I wrong. It was awesome. I was hooked from the moment it started. The dancing was great. The music was great. The story was great.

Those people are very athletic. I still can't get over how high they jumped and how silently they landed. The whole lot of them were like ninjas. They didn't make a sound when they moved around and we were in the front row only a few feet away from the dancers.

Those chicks are smoking hot too. That didn't hurt.

I'll totally go again. I'd really like to see one of the best troupes(?) in the world. I don't know where the ones I watched rank in the ballerina standings, but something tells me there's some WAY better ones out there.

Ballet FTW!! Phone Post 3.0

You really mature into a person when you allow yourself to enjoy new experiences based on your perceptions and stop caring what others think. Good on you for sure. Phone Post 3.0

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I trust the wife doesn't suspect you enjoyed yourself, yes? Phone Post 3.0

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You're really hoping, aren't you...? Phone Post 3.0


Mrs Ned and I usually go twice a year. It is really enjoyable, and a great time.

Glad you had fun.

I was at my oldest daughter's wrestling tournament the day before. My enjoyment level between the two is comparable.

I probably enjoyed the tourney a little more, but that's only because my girl was in it and she took the bronze. Plus I understood what was going on a little better and know the names of the moves in wrestling better than in ballet.

The girl who played Sleeping Beauty was noticeably the best dancer. She did the vast majority of the hard techniques. She held a one footed pose for a few minutes while they slowly spun her around at one point. You could see she had to dig deep to not move. It was cool as heck!

I'm saving to surprise my girls with a trip to NYC in a couple years. I'm gonna take them to a ballet now. What would you suggest going to there? There's probably more than one troupe in that city... Phone Post 3.0

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Searchinghappy - Yep, he caught they gay Phone Post 3.0
You're really hoping, aren't you...? Phone Post 3.0
Well I'd think with two of the exact same thread's going there is still hope...
I'm sure you can be talked into it Phone Post 3.0

I went and saw the Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty at Sadlers Wells the other day. Outstanding! There is a section where the female is sleeping and dancing with the evil lead. The body control was mind bottling.

And yes, my boyfriend loved it. Lol. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks NED. Phone Post 3.0

Love the ballet. Lucky enough to have caught the Bolshoi once.