Went to the Dr today for my physical

I know a couple of guys who went on TRT. A few did the anti aging places where they just give it to you, but I had another friend who did it through his dr when he was 44 and just got divorced.

He said it was like jumping in the fountain of youth. He is back boxing, feels awesome, has a 32 yr old friend for fun. Said he is laying it down better than when he was 22.

I am all in if the Dr gives the nod.

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I am in my mid-40’s and last time i had my test checked a few years ago it was 573 or so. My only option will likely be one of those clinics or the website that the OG’ers were talking about awhile back they had good results with. I am having it tested again to see what it is running nowadays.

sorry. meant more than 1 std dev below the mean.

just because you’re below the mean, doesn’t mean you’re low. it could be just fine for you. but most people start to feel the effects below 1 std dev. which would put you in the bottom 17% of the population for your age group.