Went to this frozen yogurt spot.. (Pics)

Blue namer please with the pics.

Went to this frozen yogurt place yesterday by my brothers apartment and noticed something very strange. They have a chalkboard in there for kids to draw on and write whatever. Well there were a couple kids In there with their grandparents, 5 to 6 years old tops. Creepily, I stared at what they wrote on the chalkboard and I'm pretty sure I'm in a horror movie.



Among the gems include a person with a gun pointing at somebody laughing. A person with a chainsaw laughing. "why did sally fall off the pony? She had no arms." and "knock knock who's there? Not sally" What do we think of these possesed little demons? Phone Post

Phone Post 3.0

Menchie's goes hard. Phone Post 3.0


"she had no arms"

That's actually scary as hell.

You must obtain the Knife of Glory...QUICK! Phone Post

Kids are evil. Lol Phone Post

Their grandparents were completely clueless to what was going on, they weren't even looking Phone Post

So great Phone Post 3.0

This in Albuquerque? Creepsville population 2 if yea. Phone Post 3.0

Add those kids to some sort of watch list immediately Phone Post 3.0

Muffler Bearing - Add those kids to some sort of watch list immediately Phone Post 3.0
We are all already being watched Phone Post 3.0

Bored teenagers Phone Post

Id hate to be sally. These kids have it out for that broad. Phone Post

andyman011 - Bored teenagers Phone Post
Op said they were 6 years old tops. Phone Post 3.0

Ban chalk Phone Post

Definitely "knife of glory" deserves credit! Scary Phone Post