Went Toy Shopping!

Let me know how that chopper attachment works. I need some kind of blender/foodprocessor combo, and I'm wondering if that would work for my limited uses.

I wasn't really planning on using the chopper, but I'll give it a test drive for ya.

'ppreciate 'cha.

Went shopping again yesterday. I'm outta control.

Excalibur Four-Tray Dehydrator

Look at that fancy ass dehydrator!  I know "real" jerky isn't heat-dried but dammit, it turns out damned fine.  And since jerky lasts about 4 days in my house long term storage isn't really a factor so being true to the roots isn't as important. 

For a time I was going dehydrate crazy.  It's pretty damn fun.  My fruit roll ups were a disaster though, you could hold fighter jets together with them. 

I got a batch of jerky going now at about 145 degrees. Later I'll try one at 95, and see how that works out. I have a feeling that most commercial jerky is probably done at a higher temp.

Fuckin' piece of shit dehydrator broke down halfway through my first batch of jerky yesterday. It's going back to Cabela's today.

Make them pay for the ruined jerky too.

I went ahead and finished it off cold.

Traded it in on The Gardenmaster.

Not a big fan of the round shape, but so far it seems descent. I'm about an hour into my first batch now.

The chopper attachment is shit. Two tiny little blades that sit so close to the bottom that it doesn't really chop. It pretty much blends. Mmmmmm... Onion puree.

The other two attachments are great, though. I just need to figure out how to get them to stop throwing food all over the kitchen.