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The two fighters will also act as coaches of TUF Latin America, the first Latin American edition of the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter," which will begin to be filmed this month and will air from August. Werdum has been in two Brazilian editions of TUF - one as assistant Wanderlei Silva and the other as head coach against Rodrigo Minotauro. He predicts that less games between the teams than in Brazil and said he saw no problems in calling Andre Dida to be one of their technical experts. Dida was one of his assistants on TUF Brazil 2 and was recently expelled from the recordings of the third edition of the program to engage in a fight between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen.

- I do not have any details yet, but we'll see how it goes. I am entitled to only four auxiliary and could not talk about it even the Dida. But if authorized the coming of Dida, I'll definitely call him - said Werdum.

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Combate.com: How was the reception of the Mexican collective TUF yesterday (Tuesday)?

Fabricio Werdum: It was only yesterday, being also a rush of interviews. As always, it is the fourth time I come here in Mexico, always treat me very well and are increasingly understanding the UFC. TUF will be for all of Latin America and we can explain some of our work so that everyone understands the UFC as much as possible.

Will you try to conquer the Mexicans through TUF to scrunch for you, or is already conformed they will even cheer for Cain?

I already accepted for sure, Cain is a hell of a representative of the Mexican, but I also have an advantage by being UFC commentator Network (UFC television channel in Latin America) in every event I do. But I will bring a guaranteed crowd, which is my mother, my brother ... (Laughter)

Do you believe it will take advantage as coach of TUF because of his experience on TUF Brazil?

I think Cain will be a good coach too, will have the technical assistants on his staff, as will be with me, but also depends on the fighters. Of course that has a thing or two that we learned in the first TUF I did with Wanderlei (Silva), and then the other one I did with the Minotaur, picked up a thing or two others, nothing. I think it will depend a lot of guys who will fight, fighters.

What will be your coaching staff?

Not decided yet, but I can tell you that will always be the team, our team: I, Rafael Cordeiro, Cobrinha, my brother, Babalu, Wanderlei, Maicon, our team even if we are accustomed to here. But it is not defined by having each of your gym, your work, your stuff. It's hard to be away from your stuff and your work to stay 40 days in Las Vegas. So I'm still deciding.

On TUF Brazil 2, Andre Dida was one of his assistants. You want to call it again? Had some indication of the UFC if he would be called or not?

I do not have any details yet, but we'll see how it goes. I am entitled to only four auxiliary and could not talk about it even the Dida. But if authorized the coming of Dida, I'll definitely call him.

On TUF Brazil, you made ??fun as hell with the Minotaur. Will do it again with Cain?

I do not know, depends on the team, what is happening in the house, the living. Some joke or another, I'll definitely do. I had more intimacy with the Minotaur, everyone was Brazilian, and here will be not only to Mexico, but throughout Latin America, and is a market that we have to go very well. We must remember that we have to show more the next fighter. I think the TUF Brazil was more for the next edition. The guys trained hard, just that they gave more emphasis on the fun side. Here, will be recorded in Las Vegas, will be the same format as American programs. But one prank or another will escape.

Cain Velasquez has that scowl is fechadão. Think he'll get the joke or will he complain?

I think it will take a joke. I spent two days with him here and he's good people. It's a guy who speaks little indeed, but it is a very calm guy. Inside the octagon, he does his job. He takes the joke good, if anything without much evil, he takes the good.

Gave to take something from this collective Cain? Gave to realize if he is still feeling the shoulder, is already legal recovered?

I saw that Cain gained a little weight, but he is not training, time does not fight. He said in interviews here that by November 15 will be 100% recovered, and who will fight for your Mexican public injury free.

You must have studied much since Cain Velasquez was considered the No. 1 challenger last year. Where do you see openings to defeat him?

I think Cain's home game with mine, because I have come from jiu-jitsu. He likes to start with boxing and always stay on the ground and pound, takedowns and banging to knock out the opponent or the referee stops. But I have good jiu-jitsu with his back on the floor, do a good guard to attack the triangle, one shoulder blade, scrape up. Can I kick it at the top, or punch without fear of falling on the ground, which is the opposite of everyone. Nobody kicks Cain to prevent falls, but I'm going to kick at will. I'll have to have a lot of movement, be faster than him, and if you have a situation on the ground, I will try to finish, make a play for Cain put his back on the floor. I want to see how he is with his back on the floor, it would be a good strategy.

Think that after this victory over Travis Browne, Cain will come more into the game in your foot?

I was very with it, we are here for two days together going to and fro ... I came to him and asked, "It's to see my last fight?" And he said "No, I have not seen yet," and began laughing. But I think he heard some things. I could show once again that I am not a jiu-jitsu, I'm a complete fighter, and suddenly lacked the time to show it. Showed it against Roy Nelson, and in the fight against Travis Browne, specialist, coming three Knockouts of the Night, a guy with a very offensive game, showed the result of our training at Kings MMA.

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