Werdum Face Banned By UFC...



Werdum handed out 45k free masks for the fans to wear during his fight. I'm sure you have seen them during this past weeks activities. UFC banned them and Werdum isn't happy about it. 

LOL SERIOUSLY? Phone Post 3.0

Isn't there a sponsor on them? That's probably the reason. Phone Post 3.0

They never let us have nice things


Is this for real? Did they quote a bullshit Health and Safety violation or something?

They really are sucking all the personality out of the sport. Phone Post 3.0

They should bring in vuvuzelas instead Dana hates those fucking things. Phone Post 3.0

These are EVERYWHERE in Curitiba

That's not really good for the UFC to do to their own HW champion.

Pretty sure Reebok don't make masks. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder their reasoning. Those masks are hilarious and great for Werdum's brand. But Zuffa has ALWAYS been about diminishing individual appeal in favor of soulless robot fighters Phone Post 3.0

Gotta be because of the sponsor on the headband. Phone Post 3.0

They should have had Reebok make the Werdum face masks... In which case they would have been pictures of JDS. #ReebokAsFuck Phone Post 3.0

NorthernIrishZombie - Gotta be because of the sponsor on the headband. Phone Post 3.0
yup, you're most likely right. Phone Post 3.0

i concur with sponsor on headband answer

ranier wolfcastle -

i concur with sponsor on headband answer

...which... that kind of makes the UFC right. Phone Post 3.0

It creates an unfair psychological advantage for Werdum. I'm pretty sure walking out past 10,000 people that look like your opponent might create doubts or expose fears. I'm not saying it should be banned, I just think it can be abused as a strong weapon. Phone Post 3.0

Pretty sure ufc said they can all have sponsors just not in the cage so... Phone Post 3.0

Sponsor on the headband for sure Phone Post 3.0

Good I hate that ugly face he makes. He is like a child and he makes the UFC look stupid with it. I hope that Stipe beats his ass. Phone Post 3.0