Werdum says "Chicken heart" Reem loses to Bigfoot

“For sure, the time in 2006, when I fought with him. For sure he was on the juice again. The special juice. All the time he’s on the special juice. I don’t know. In Japan it’s not like here in the U.S.A. There’s a lot of control, I like that, but in 2006 in Japan, in Pride there was control, but not 100 percent. They had tests but don’t find the drugs.”

When Overeem returns from his suspension in Feb., to take on fellow Strikeforce import Antonio Silva, there will be heavy punches thrown with bad intentions. For Werdum the outcome is simple, Bigfoot on top.

“Bigfoot Silva is my friend. I want him to win. I think Bigfoot puts Overeem on the ground. Overeem has good stand up. I think [Alistair] is scared when he gets to the ground. 100 percent I think Bigfoot wins the fight.”

Werdum also talks on his match-up against "Big Nog" which already has a scheduled date.

“I’m a complete fighter now. Before I was just a jiu-jitsu guy. I want a good fight with him [Big Nog], because I want an opportunity [to fight] for the belt. I think I’ll fight for the belt. First Minotauro, June 8th. Maybe October or November I’ll fight whoever has the belt, whoever is the champ at this time. I think 2013 is my year.”

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Umm, I like Werdum but maybe he should've buttflopped before calling someone a chicken

Good interview though

Interesting to see that they have a scheduled date so far out. June 8? UFC must already have close to half of the year already planned.

Werdum v Big Nog is gonna be a good 'un! Both got wicked BJJ, and Werdum's striking looks better every fight......his knees to Big Countrys face were awesome!!

Potential fight of the year!

Before you dismiss this out of hand, remember that there is a "grudge match" angle with Overeem and Bigfoot, in that Bigfoot left the Lackzilians and joined Team Nogueira (getting in a parting shot about how it felt good to be in a "real camp" again!) within literally days after Overeem arrived there.

Leck Brosnar - Umm, I like Werdum but maybe he should've buttflopped before calling someone a chicken

Good interview though

This. Werdum is still sore about losing last time against Overeem.

Werdum is making most of his mma career by training his butt off.

However he will never reach the level Overeem, 2Saints, Cain or Bones Phone Post

"Too much cock"...fabricio werdum Phone Post

Reem can submit Silva. See hunto vs reem. Sick sub by reem. Phone Post

Reem will hit bigfoots huge chin thats hanging from his face lime a speed bag and ko him really fast i think.

I also do not understand thisatch unless its just to make Reem look good for a title shot.. But the UFC is not like that is it? Phone Post

I expect Overeem to beat Bigfoot due with superior striking skills.