Werdum vs. Browne

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                                Werdum vs. Browne

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Browne ftw

Go Horse! Phone Post 3.0

War Travis!

I am so fuckin ready for this fight. Hell, this whole card. Phone Post 3.0

I think Browne can be champ. But werdum is nasty Phone Post 3.0

Browne via GnP Phone Post 3.0

I'm rooting for Browne but Werdum can win this fight in more ways than Travis can. Phone Post 3.0

I'm gonna go against the grain. Werdum


I got this ending by Travis Browne KO rd 3 Phone Post 3.0


I agree that Browne would cause more problems for Cain. 

Love Werdum but Browne is so peaking these days... Phone Post 3.0

Werdum loses by music for sure.

Are they really booing Werdum for no reason?

Fuck those Browne fans Phone Post 3.0

But I got Browne in the first.

Can't believe how little love Werdum is getting! I'll take Fabricio 2nd rd sub Phone Post

This music is killing me.

I want Werdum for nostalgia reasons