Werdum vs. Velasquez can't come soon enough

Can't wait for this fight. Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

wont even be close cain will phuk him up..
He won't disrespect his jits like fedor did

stand up bitch....

I think both fighters have a chance to end it early. I think Cain might bulldoze Werdum, but you can't count out Werdum he's good at finding a way to win. Don't wanna see either of them lose really. Phone Post 3.0

Barnett/Browne and Overeem/Mir are closer and should be good.

Who knows when Werdum/Cain will be

If Cain doesn't sprawl and brawl he will get subbed IMO. But I think he takes it standing. Phone Post 3.0